Parking restrictions introduced outside schools in Crowborough & Rotherfield

New signs have been erected outside schools mean motorists could now get a parking ticket for stopping on the zig-zag markings.

Sign showing parking restrictions on Zig-Zag lines outside Fermor School

No stopping between the hours of 7.30 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday except August

Sussex Police requested that the School Keep Clear markings in the Crowborough area were given legal backing to enable them to enforce the School Keep Clear markings.

After a public consultation, in September East Sussex County Council agreed to introduce a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) to make the markings outside school gates legally enforceable in Crowborough & Rotherfield.

No stopping sign outside Beacon Academy North Beeches Road Crowborough

Sign outside Beacon Academy  in Crowborough (Beeches Site) – click to enlarge

Penalty Charge Notices can now be issued to motorists that do not conform to the rules restricting them from waiting, stopping or parking even to pick up or drop off children to school on yellow zig zag lines.

Most of the schools, except St John’s, already have the road markings.  Without a TRO and the signs the zig-zags were only “advisory” and used to inform motorists that is was a bad idea to stop there because it reduced visability of children crossing the road.

The new TRO related to the following schools:

  • St Johns CofE School, School Lane
  • Beacon Academy – both Green Lane and North Beeches Road
  • St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Queens Road
  • Sir Henry Fermor CofE Primary School, Crowborough Hill
  • Ashdown Primary School, both Luxford Road and Herne Road
  • Jarvis Brook School, Hadlow Down Road
  • Rotherfield Primary School, North Street

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