New wildlife sculptures


New chainsaw sculptures have been installed alongside the boardwalk at Walshes Park in Crowborough.

Chainshaw sculpture of a brown trout alongside the boardwalk

Acquired by Wealden District Council in 2015, the land was a condition of the planning application to build 160 homes on land at Walsh Manor Farm. The park was officially opening in September 2018 and is paid for by contributions from developers.

Chainsaw sculpture of an owl at Walshes Park in Crowborough

A spokesperson for Wealden District Council said:

We commissioned these beautiful chainsaw carved sculptures to capture the imagination of everyone who visits the park; whether it be for exercise, or relaxation and contemplation.

Each carving is made from locally sourced wood and represents a species indigenous to the park; including the brown trout which we are working to encourage back into the Alder Brook.

Chainsaw sculpture of a butterfly at Walshes Park in Crowborough

The sculptures were commissioned some time ago by Wealden District Council as part of the original concept for the park. They were designed and carved by the Woodland Centre in Sharpethorne using locally sourced wood.

Wealden District Council are not planning anything further at Walshes Park, but we are looking into replacing some of the carved benches on parts of the Cuckoo Trail.

Chainshaw sculpture of a brown trout at Walshes park in Crowborough


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  1. Visited Walshes park for the first time with 2 Grandchildren on Monday. New sculptures beautiful, park very well maintained and the children’s play area very good. All a credit to those who built and maintain the area. What a shame that this very positive visit was totally marred by some very irresponsible dog owners. I was a bit wary about going there as all the information about the park seems to highlight it as a great place to walk your dog. Nothing at all about the play area and being a great place to bring children and picnic etc. I now see why.
    Dogs a plenty here! Lots off of leads. Many not controlled and bounding about away from owners. Immediately we got into the park a large one bounded over us and frightened the children. One of the dogs walking with the people was on a lead. This one was not. Trying to avoid the dogs we settled down for a nice picnic only to have a dog racing over to us, this time with no owner visible at all. It raced round us and jumped up at the children. Again terrified children and took a lot to get it to go away!
    Yes people like dogs. Yes it is a good open space for walking them. But not to the detriment of people, particularly with young children who equally have a right to enjoy this space without being bothered by out of control dogs. I think separate provision should be made for dog walkers away from other people who do not want to be amongst them. Alternatively all dogs should be on a lead.
    Comments on Walshes park are rare from non dog owners who delight in talking about the friendly exchanges with other dog owners, how the dogs can “socialise with other dogs” ( yes really!) how well fenced it is and dogs cannot escape the boundaries – says it all …..
    What about the rest of us who simply want a peaceful walk in this lovely park without fear of out of control off the lead dogs.

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