Wetherspoons Photo Special


The extension and refurbishment of The Crowborough Cross pub is nearing completion.

The new Wetherspoon’s pub will open on Tuesday 27th January!  40 new staff from the local area have been recruited and they will start their training next week.

This morning CrowboroughLife was given a sneak preview behind the scenes by the pub’s manager.



Photo: Jamie Wright, Site Co-ordinator
Photo: Jamie Wright, Site Co-Ordinator
Photo: Jamie Wright, Site Co-ordinator


Photo: Jamie Wright, Site Co-ordinator


Photo: Jamie Wright, Site Co-ordinator



The meaning of the pub sign:

The architect has confirmed what some clever people had already worked-out for themselves: They wanted to incorporate a little bit of the town’s history into the design of the pub.  As well as artworks for the interior, created by local artists and inspired by our surroundings, Wetherspoon’s architect looked at the various derivations for the town’s name which have been put forward.  Early local documents give names such as:

Crohbergh, Crowbergh, Croweborowghe, Crowbarrow and Crowboro.

Croh (Old English) for saffron or golden yellow colour, and berg meaning hill.

They thought Gorse, growing in profusion in the Crowborough area, might well have contributed to the meaning.

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  1. Looks wonderful. Really looking forward to its opening. It looks sensitively and tastefully renovated and looks warm and inviting. Well done Wetherspoons and thank you for the sneak preview.

  2. I am pleased that something possitive is happening in the town and the empty pub is no longer an eyesore. Looking forward to going there for a meal.

  3. My partner and I have been looking forward to the opening for what seems like an age now.
    I’m also glad that it has bought employment to the town as my daughter has found a job here. Keep up the great work transforming these great buildings and helping the communities come together.

  4. Absolutely amazing. I was resident dj in there under rose when she ran the cross, complete change just that the town needs somewhere decent to eat and drink. Well done all!!!

  5. Well done Wetherspoons! The interior looks really inviting and up to the usual high standard of your other pubs. Just what Crowborough needs to give a boost to the town and am looking forward to having some meals there in the future.

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