“Welcome to Crowborough” signs


Crowborough Town Council have agreed the “Welcome to Crowborough” signs need repainting because they are beginning to show signs of wear and tear.

There are four signs around the town:

• A26 Beacon Road (junction with Fielden Road)
• A26 Eridge Road (just past Boars Head roundabout)
• Rotherfield Road (opposite Tesco)
• London Road (adjacent to Warren Nursery)

Councillors previously received a report which explained for a premium job, with long-lasting results, the Town Council’s regular signwriter recommended using 23-carat gold leaf on the wording ‘Welcome to Crowborough’.

At the last meeting of the Environment Committee, Councillors considered quotes from four signwriters. The signwriters were asked to provide prices for three options using various combinations of paint and gold leaf.

  • Re-paint using gold colour paint on relevant parts
  • Re-paint using gold leaf on ‘Welcome to Crowborough’ only
  • Re-paint using gold leaf on all relevant parts

Some of the signwriters were going to re-paint the signs in situ if the weather allowed, others required the signs to be transported to their workshop.

On 12th October Councillors discussed the options provided and agreed that golf leaf would be more durable and provide a better finish. Due to sustainability considerations, Councillors decided to use the most local provider at a cost of £4,725. There was only just under £700 difference in the prices for using gold paint on all relevant parts or just “Welcome to Crowborough”.

As the Committee was postponed because the mourning following The Queen’s death it was noted that it was some time since the quotes were obtained. Councillors agreed a contingency of 10% of the quotation price to allow for any fluctuations in the price of gold.

It was mentioned during discussion, that ownership of the land where the “Welcome to Crowborough” sign is located at the end of Fielden Road is not known by the Town Council. For this reason, it might be necessary to relocate this sign further south on the A26 to a position adjacent to the football pitch near Crowborough Camp.



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