Wealden Police Commander praises Beacon Students

In his latest message to local residents, the Sussex Police Commander for the Wealden District Ch-Insp-Gary-Pike has thanked four students from Beacon Academy for their “encouraging and refreshing” perspective on the Police’s use of Stop & Search Powers.

In his message Chief Inspector Gary Pike said:

I’ve spoken about the importance of stop and search as a police power to prevent and detect crime in previous messages. To ensure that our officers are conducting these searches fairly, professionally and lawfully, we invite members of the public to view footage taken via body-worn video.  We have had four meetings this year and each one has provided extremely valuable feedback including praise and positive comments, but also suggestions to help us develop and improve – all of which is communicated to the individual officers concerned.

I was particularly pleased that four young students from Crowborough Beacon took part in our most recent meeting, where they provided a new perspective from the next generation that was encouraging and refreshing.

The latest statistics published by the Force, show from August 2014 to July 2015, Police in Wealden used the powers to search 413 people locally (down from 778).  In the previous 12 months, black people were much more likely to be stopped and searched, but the figures have fallen by 80% to bring them more into line with the proportion of black people living locally.  Download charts for the last six-months in Wealden.

Stop & Search data for Wealden in Jly 2015 by Age & Ethinicity

Stop & Search data for Wealden for Feb to July 2015 by Age & Ethinicity

Inspector Tony Wakefield added

It was a useful exercise to gain the views of young people on Stop and Search and that we will continue to include all sections of society when conducting these meetings.

Published on the Sussex Police’s website the District Commander also writes about crime prevention and scams, and mentions that Officers from Lewes and Wealden Districts have made a recent arrest and recovered many items thought to have been stolen from cars and vans locally.

You can read his message in full on the Wealden section of the Sussex Police website: www.sussex.police.uk.

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