Planning for Crowborough housing scheme deferred on sewage grounds


Update: Planning Committee North has decided to deferred making a decision on the application until further detail is provided about the sewage scheme for the 100 new houses.

This follows a similar decision at South Committee last week in relation to three other applications. WDC recently passed a motion asking Southern Water to explain whether treatment works can cope with sewage from new housing developments in the district.

The water company has been criticised after a video by Martyn Craddock was shared on Twitter showing a discharges into the sea off Seaford. The company explained the recent heavy downpours have overwhelmed the combined sewer and rainwater network. A dozen beaches in Sussex have been effected in a similar way.

The next stage of a major housing development in Crowborough is set to go before Wealden planners next week.

On Thursday (18th August), Wealden District Council’s Planning Committee North is expected to make a decision on an application to build 100 new homes on agricultural land between Walshes Road and Luxford Road.

Artists impression of housing development in Crowborough
Artists impression of the housing development submitted by the applicants

The application is seeking Reserved Matters approval after outline permission was granted in November 2020. As such, it is seeking approval of the detailed design of the scheme, as it has already been granted permission in principle.

In a report to be discussed by the Committee, a Council Planning Officer said:

It is considered that the layout, built form and landscaping as proposed will provide a high quality locally distinctive development that responds well to the constraints of the site, the local context and vernacular.

It is recommended that Reserved Matters approval is granted subject to additional conditions.

Report to Planning Committee North

These additional conditions include glazing for windows that overlook adjoining gardens and protections for trees and hedgerows included within the development.

Although broadly similar to the indicative plans previously submitted, the final design now also includes a landscape buffer between the new homes and existing properties in Walshes Road.

While recommended for approval, the scheme has seen objections raised by some local residents (10 according to meeting papers) as well as both Crowborough Town Council and Rotherfield Parish Council.

Crowborough Town Council argues the scheme would be an overdevelopment of the site and would provide a poor mix of housing. The Town Council also criticised the plans for the scheme’s affordable homes (of which there would be 35) to be located in a single area, rather than being integrated throughout the site.

Concerns have also been raised by the impact of development on infrastructure, particularly the local sewage network.

For further information on the proposals see application reference WD/2021/2739/MRM on the Wealden District Council website.

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  1. There are far too many houses in Crowborough, Doctors and schools etc. can’t cope now, the roads are a mess already so obviously Wealden can’t cope either, this building MUST stop.

  2. It not fair that we (the older generations) are persistently stopping housing developments ..far too few homes have been built merely artificially inflating house prices whilst reducing available -affordable housing for younger generations – worth taking note on what is happening in Japan where the social contract between young and old is breaking down due to intergenerational envy where the old have it all … the young have little yet are burdened with higher taxes, less generous pensions and above all, lack of affordable housing… get building ASAP and make up the ground lost – Crowborough is filled with estates built in the 70’s to address the housing needs of thast time.. its about time we helped the young of Crowborough in the 21st century and stop being so utterly selfish …as for the schools not coping I’m a retired teacher (also worked in private sector too) so know a bit about this .. utter nonsense!


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