Council U-turn on drivers flouting parking rules

Next week Wealden District Council will consider what should be done to improve on street parking arrangements to manage driver behaviour in town centres and around the rail stations.

In December CrowboroughLife told you that a discussion to consider the introduction of Traffic Wardens was postponed at the last moment to allow Councillors more time to consider all the options.

Bob Standley, Leader Wealden District Council

Now a paper going to next week’s Cabinet meeting proposes the status quo with the Police continuing to be responsible for enforcement.  Cabinet has previously concluded this approach will not be a permanent solution, however, there is a view that the introduction of Pay & Display machines to fund Traffic Wardens is not appropriate.

Council Leader Bob Standley recommends they continue the dialogue with Sussex Police on how enforcement can be managed and talk to town and parish Councils about parking issues in their areas.

The matter will be discussed at a meeting on Wednesday 31st January:

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Rotherfield Parish Council has recently launched a Considerate Parking Scheme to ask people to think about where they park their vehicles.  Click to download a copy of the letter:

Do you think a similar approach with letters and posters targeting problem areas in Crowborough might help modify drivers behaviour?  Join the conversation on Facebook.

3 comments on “Council U-turn on drivers flouting parking rules
  1. Crowborough station is three miles away from our house. If we take a train at the weekend, we park in the station and pay the fee. If we travel during the week, the station car park is full with commuters’ vehicles. We park on a road nearby, but don’t like to. We can’t afford to keep taking taxis. We wouldn’t park across people’s drives or close to junctions. The main Crowborough car park is often nearly full, so why is the Mead carpark to be lost to large houses? 8 large houses are to be built behind Holmes Place, so another 16 cars will be added to the mix. One of the schools has two carparks nearby, yet parents still block junctions and park on the road. Sussex Police have stated they’re not going to enforce parking, so what’s the answer?

  2. I think the redevelopment of Uckfield Centre has been very good with lots of short stay parking (30 mins) next to shops.
    There was a lot of work by Crowborough Town Council and Consultations with the community looking at having a pedestrian free zone, it did not get much support.
    I do not think there is an easy solution and building houses on existing parking spaces around Pine Grove is just going to make things worse, with Crowborough still expanding, there are least 3 new big housing developments planned.
    We are lucky in Crowborough not to have Parking Wardens as does Tunbridge Wells,not very nice characters, but with a job to do.
    I think the Rotherfield Approach of asking people to more considerate might work I think when Chris Harrison was our Community Support he did a good job.
    Around the Schools in Crowborough around 8.30 a.m morning and 3 p.m is generally very bad, No Parking in Zig Zag Bays totally ignored.
    Crowborough has gone from a population of 6000 to 23000 in just 20 years it seems with no vision, just build more houses and hope for the best.

  3. The problem is like many situations where people flout the law there is no effective deterrent. People know that they can get away with it so the carry on regardless.

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