Wealden MP calls for “real, practical solutions”


Nus Ghani has said “systemic change” is needed if society is to “truly breakdown institutional racism and power bias”.

The Tweet from Nus Ghani, was in response to the Prime Minister announcement of the formation of a new commission into racial inequalities following the Black Lives Matter protests.

Writing in The Telegraph, Boris Johnson said:

There is much more that we need to do; and we will. It is time for a cross-governmental commission to look at all aspects of inequality – in employment, in health outcomes, in academic and all other walks of life. We need to tackle the substance of the problem, not the symbols. We need to address the present, not attempt to re-write the past – and that means we cannot and must not get sucked into never-ending debate about which well-known historical figure is sufficiently pure or politically correct to remain in public view.

On Twitter Ms Ghani said:

‘Work twice as hard to get half as far’ was the motto of us first-generation types, but generations today see that as complacently embedding prejudice, and they quite rightly won’t stand for it.

They have had enough of warm words and zero action. They want to witness progress in our institutions and companies, to see people like themselves in positions of leadership, and to experience advancement based on talent and ability.

As a person of colour, I have faced racism throughout my life, and quite frankly I am exhausted having to explain it and call it out.

I entirely understand the strength of feeling over recent weeks, but what we are experiencing now is nothing new, which is why we need systemic change if we are to truly break down institutional racism and power bias.

Labour MP and Shadow Justice Secretary has said Britain does not need another review:

It is time for action on the countless reviews, reports and commissions on race that have already been completed.

The Lammy Review made 35 recommendations on inequalities in the criminal justice system. Writing in The Guardian he highlights a raft of other reports into issues like deaths in custody, the Windrush scandal and inequalities in the workplace.



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