Wealden’s MP declares £126,000 from Second Jobs

Charles Hendry MP
Charles Hendry MP

Wealden’s MP Charles Hendry receives more than £126,000 a year from working in the energy sector.

According to parliamentary records, by working for 4 days per month, the former Conservative Energy Minister is is paid almost twice his salary of £67,060 he earns as MP for Wealden.  He is paid £60,000 per year to work for the energy and commodities group Vitol.  He also works as an adviser to Atlantic Superconnection Corporation, a company hoping to build a 600 mile cable under the sea, allowing the UK to use the vast geothermal energy and hydro-electricity of Iceland.  He also earns £48,000 for being the non-executive Chairman of Forewind, a consortium hoping to build a giant wind farm in the North Sea.

Analysis by The Guardian newspaper revealed Mr Hendry is one of 20 MPs earning over £100,000.

The register of outside interests also shows he accepted hospitality and accommodation from BP worth around £1,000, allowing him and his wife to see the Commenwealth Games in Glasgow.  Mr Hendry also says he received income from renting out agricultural land and property in Scotland.  Mr Hendry and his wife, Sallie, whose first husband was a member of the Moores family that once owned the Littlewoods Pools empire, own Blair Castle in Ayrshire.

In March 2013, Mr Hendry announced he would stand down as MP at the 2015.  Since then he has been preparing for life outside parliament.  Earlier this year when he accepted the role with Vitol, Mr Hendry told CrowboroughLife:

First of all, I am absolutely confident this role will not lead to any conflict of interest.  In all my dealings with outside organisations, I make it clear that my primary duty is to my constituents.

Since leaving Ministerial Office, in addition to the appointments you mention, I have taken on a number of unpaid roles – as a Visiting Professor at Edinburgh University; as President of the fuel poverty charity, National Energy Action, as the Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to countries around the Caspian; and as President of the British Institute of Energy Economists.  Collectively, all of these activities take up significantly less time than my role as a Minister, so I can in fact now spend a huge amount more time on constituency matters than before.  I also believe they make me a better Parliamentarian by not being isolated in a ‘Westminster bubble’.

As you will know, I am leaving Parliament at the 2015 election.  Until recently, MPs continued to be paid for a period of months after they had left Parliament during their period of transition, but it was (rightly, in my view) considered that this was not appropriate.  I therefore cease to have an income from the day of the election and I have made it clear that, now my successor as Conservative candidate has been chosen, I will need in the course of this year to prepare for life outside Parliament.  No-one knows how long it might take to find new employment, so recognising my wider commitments to my family, I think it is appropriate to be starting that search now.

Nus Ghani was selected as Prospected Parliamentary Candidate for the Conservative Party at an Open Primary in December last year.



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