Election Results May 2023


The Conservative Party have lost control of Wealden District Council. No party has a majority. Five of the six councillors representing Crowborough are now Liberal Democrat and the other one is Green.

In total there are 45 councillors on Wealden District Council. 37 one-councillor wards and 4 two-councillor wards.

Since the last election in 2019 the Conservative have lost seats to the Green Party and the Liberal Democrats in by-elections. In 2020 Cllr Kay Moss resigned from the Conservative party.

Since Wealden District Council was formed in 1973 the Conservative have had control (except for a couple of years in 95-97).

PartyElection in 2023Prior to this electionGains/lossesLast election in 2019
Liberal Democrat136+74

Crowborough Councillors

Six councillors represent the six wards in Crowborough:

Elected (share)Other Candidates (share)
Jane Clark (Liberal Democrat) (55%)
[Change Conservative to Lib Dem]
Peter Bucklitsch (Independent) (6%)
Ron Reed (Conservative) (39%)
Jarvis Brook
Gareth Owen-Williams (Liberal Democrat) (75%)
[Lib Dem Hold]
Craig Edwards (Conservative) (25%)
James Partridge (Liberal Democrat) (54%)
[Change Conservative to Lib Dem]

Kay Moss (Independent) (24%)
James Turgoose (Conservative) (22%)

South East
Andrew Wilson (Liberal Democrat) (74%)
[Change Conservative to Lib Dem]
Philip Lunn (Conservative) (26%)
South West
Alison Arthur (Liberal Democrat) (59%)
[Change Conservative to Lib Dem]
Neil Waller (Conservative) (41%)
St Johns
Martyn Everitt (Green) (50%)
[Change Conservative to Green]
Sarah Bammann (Labour) (7%)
Richard Hallett (Conservative) (43%)

For details of numbers of votes cast, turnout and rejected ballot papers see the Council’s website: www.wealden.gov.uk.

Crowborough Town Council

The election to Crowborough Town Council was uncontested. This is when the number of candidates is the same as or fewer than the number of places available on the council. Crowborough Town Council are now wanting to fill the vacant four seats by co-option (appointment to fill the shortfall). Any person wishing to fill any of the vacancies should apply before the end of May using the application form.


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