Water Leak Luxford Road


Update: South East Water have fixed the burst on Luxford Road. There was also a burst water main in Five Ashes Road near Rotherfield.

After yesterday’s problems, South East Water have said there are still some households in Crowborough & Jarvis Brook who are without water this morning (Thursday 13th). This is because their technicians are finding airlocks in the system causing localised supply problems.

There is now a bottled water station at Crowborough Community Centre (as well as Rotherfield Village Hall and Mayfield Village Centre).

For updates please visit South East Water’s ‘In Your Area’ live map: www.southeastwater.co.uk.

Original article (yesterday Wednesday 12th):

Some households in Crowborough are without water this morning or have low water pressure, because of a burst main on Luxford Road.

South East Water are now on scene and Luxford Road is closed between Luxford Lane and Walshes Road.

The water supplier have also said households in Jarvis Brook, Steel Cross, Rotherfield, Mayfield and Five Ashes may be experiencing problems (shown in red on their live In Your Area map).

Bottled water stations have been established at Rotherfield Village Hall and Mayfield Village Centre.

Customers can enter their postcode on the South East Water website to receive updates:


If you, or someone you know, is vulnerable and can’t get to their bottled water stations or needs extra support please sign-up to their Priority Services Register. In an emergency call them on 0333 000 0365.



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