Water bills will still go up

water2Despite boasts by the water regulator, customers of Southern and South East Water in Crowborough will still see their bill rise over the next 5-years because of inflation.

Tap water is supplied by South East Water in Crowborough, but wastewater is processed by Southern Water.

Southern Water will have to reduce their bills by 8% before inflation over the next five years following negotiations with industry regulator Ofwat.

South East Water will also reduce its bills by 3% by 2019/20.

However, it is still highly likely customers will pay more, as both companies are allowed to add on inflation, as measured by the Retail Price Index.  RPI is currently running at 2.3% a year.

Ofwat have spent the last 2 years deliberating over the final settlement for all 18 water companies in England and Wales.  Companies have two months to accept Ofwat’s decision, or seek a referral to the Competition and Markets Authority.

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