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A campaign’s been launched to raise awareness of parking illegally over fire hydrants across East Sussex.

Beacon Road in Crowborough Fire Hydrant SignThere have already been a number of incidents whereby drivers have unwittingly parked across a hydrant, blocking access for routine checks.

It’s feared that if this problem is not tackled then firefighters won’t be able to hook up to the nearest water supply in an emergency.

Group Commander Matt Elder from ESFRS said:

Time and again we see cars and other vehicles parked in places which could block our easy access to water supplies in an emergency. We are fortunate that this hasn’t caused a major problem yet and we are acting now before lives are put at risk. It doesn’t take long to check whether you are near a hydrant and we are certain the vast majority of motorists will understand why we are asking them to take extra care.

The new campaign aims to help people know what the hydrants look like and understand how parking across them could impact on people’s safety.

A Fire Hydrant is located below ground level and covered with a plate with either the words Fire Hydrant or the letters FH.  On an adjacent position a square sign coloured yellow with a black H will be displayed, if possible.  In some locations an alternative sign is a Yellow H burned on the road.

The two numbers on the sign indicate the size of the water main (top number) and the hydrants distance from the sign (lower number).



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