Croft Road could be pedestrianised to get more people walking & cycling


East Sussex County Council are inviting residents to give their views on their first Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan.

It is proposed that there should be a series of changes along the B2100 Crowborough Hill from the A26 down to the railway station. The four main junctions on the route, including Croft Road, Church Road and Green Lane are a problem for pedestrians and cyclists.

Among the proposals are:

  • making the High Street one-way;
  • pedestrianisation of Croft Road from The Broadway to Waitrose;
  • redesign of mini-roundabout and pedestrian crossing by the White Hart pub / Sir Henry Fermor School; and,
  • traffic lights at the railway bridge, at the bottom of Crowborough Hill, to enable a footway to be constructed on both sides of the road.

Other recommendations include measures to reduce traffic flow on Queen Road (to make it feel like a residential street) and improvements to Poundfield Footpath, including improved lighting.

Cllr Claire Dowling, lead member for transport and environment, said:

Walking and cycling not only improves people’s health and wellbeing, it can help protect the environment and improve air quality.

Some people have been able to re-think how they travel since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic with cycling and walking becoming more of an option. We are keen to put in place infrastructure to support the opportunity to change habits and enable others to find more active and healthy ways to travel.

The charity Sustrans was commissioned in March 2017 to support the development of a countywide Cycling and Walking Strategy. Their main recommendations for Crowborough are outlined in Appendix 5K.

(Please note the report and Appendix currently refers to A27 – this is a mistake and should be the A26. It is being altered.)

The delivery of the plan, which relies on East Sussex County Council (ESCC) and their partners securing external funding, sets out an ambitious network of proposed cycling and walking routes and measures integrated with existing infrastructure.

This will build upon £23m of funding ESCC has successfully secured since 2014 to deliver active travel measures through the Council’s local transport capital programme. This strategy will be used as a means to secure more funding and an extension to existing networks.

Inline with guidance from the Department for Transport, initially the plan will focus on areas where there is the greatest opportunity to increase levels of cycling and walking and therefore, to attract external funding – this includes the coastal strip and larger market towns in the county.

In rural areas, the Council will look at how walking and cycling can be supported through its local transport plan, as well as local and neighbourhood plans. Officers will continue to work with local partners to identify opportunities and funding for active travel.

Cllr Dowling added:

It’s vital that people take this opportunity to comment and help us create a plan that supports active travel and understands the needs of local communities.

The consultation runs until Friday 11th December and all responses will be carefully considered before a final version of the plan is agreed.

To find out more about the plan and to take part in the consultation, see Views Sought on Walking and Cycling Networks.



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  1. Why is it that all these proposals are designed to make the ordinary road users life more difficult?
    What is really needed is a radical redesign of the whole country’s infrastructure so all types of road users have their own space. Letting cars and cyclists mix on the road at the same time is like letting your pet rabbit play with your pet dog, no matter how careful you are something will go badly wrong at some point.
    For some reason local authorities seem to think that everyone is itching to return to Victorian transportation, yes the traditional motor car is on the way out but it’s speedily being replaced by electric versions and other versions such as hydrogen will follow.
    Cycling is, and all will be basically a healthy leisure pursuit, it is not the future for transport, it was in fact the past.
    So all you council folk, take off those rose tinted specs and try imagine a more realistic future for transportation, how about starting with getting the local disused railways reopened?

  2. Fantastic news. It’ll make my kids feel more confident on their push bikes and ease concerns over the local boy racers killing a young kid which is sadly inevitable without change.

    • That is a rather dramatic view for such a small section of controlled road.
      Given the fact that the phasing of the lights at the cross appears to have changed recently indicates that this is based on the situation at the beginning of the year, where traffic is allowed Southbound but not North bound.

  3. Traffic lights at the railway bridge is a ridiculous idea, it will be utter carnage at peak times. Do these planners ever visit these areas? There’s a pelican crossing just up the road.

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