Basketball court in Crowborough has been damaged


The post at the new basketball court at Goldsmith Rec has been wrenched-out of the ground.

The basketball and netball courts were renovated by Crowborough Town Council just a few weeks ago at the same time as the running track was resurfaced.  The new sports facility is due to be officially opened on Saturday 9th September.

A runner commented on Facebook to that he noticed that the hoop was on the ground at 6pm yesterday evening (Thursday 24th August).

The Town Clerk, Andy Beams said:

It’s disappointing that children who wish to use the facilities for the correct purpose are denied the opportunity to do so by the thoughtless actions of a minority.  The cost of repairs for these incidents are beginning to have a significant effect on the council’s budget which could have an impact on residents in the future.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Sussex Police or call 101. Alternatively you can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


This is the latest in a series of acts of vandalism that have occurred at recreation grounds in Crowborough, including the Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA) and shelter at Jarvis Brook rec (see the Facebook post when the seat at the youth centre was burnt.)




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  1. Pictures can be deceiving. The basketball post construction looks weak at the base. To be honest I think just normal teenage / adult use and an aspirational slam dunk and triumphant Hoop hang could have easily caused that damage. I do not condone vandalism but please be considerate and fair in your accusations of our town’s young.

    More than ever Crowborough’s youths need proper support not hits based on the poor behaviour of a minority.

    Understand the frustration. You may have info not presented here that would give the full picture. But my point remains – be fair and you cast your aspersions. Half full or half empty?

  2. To the previous comments entered, Colin read this, I do not know if this is relevant but on the same night the damage was done at the leisure centre vandals attacked my newly planted expensive tree simply snapping it in half and dragging it down the road towards Tunbridge Wells.
    I am not casting aspersions I am definitely calling those that did this to my tree VANDALS

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