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Couch to World Championship


Danny Turnock, who lives on Whitehill Road in Crowborough, has just had confirmation he’s qualified for the Triathlon World Championships in Canada next year.

Danny, 36, qualified by coming second in his age group at the Brighton and Hove Triathlon.

The Sprint Distance Triathlon consisted of a 750-meter sea swim from Hove Lawns, followed by a 20-kilometer cycle along seafront roads, ending with a 5-kilometer run along the beach hut-lined promenade. Danny finished in 1 hour 10 minutes and 4 seconds.

What makes Danny’s journey so spectacular is that he has achieved all this in less than a year. In December 2018 he was a self-confessed couch potato:


I was inactive and lazy with no real motivation, having two boys aged 5 and 7, I didn’t feel like a good role model. So new year and new start, dry January started by me running at first just 1km with my dog in the woods, within 3 weeks I had built up to 4 km, just by pushing myself harder and faster every day.

Danny with his sons at Bewl Triathlon August 2019

In his early teens Danny was a strong swimmer so, off the back of a brief chat with a friend Alex Cole about running, Danny agreed to join him at his weekly swim at the Crowborough Triathlon Club. Before he had chance to think about it some of the members had talked Danny into booking his first triathlon at Uckfield in April.

I did my first Tri and what an experience it was I was hooked, what an absolute pure buzz I felt so good.

Once he had raced in Uckfield, Danny booked as many triathlons as he could fit in and could afford. Every race his position got higher and higher despite the competition more fierce:

After an age group second at Leeds Castle I realised I could really have a fair shot at the ultimate goal for all triathletes who’s too old to make the next Olympics, Team GB Age Group!

So Danny entered the Brighton and Hove Triathlon on 15th September, the last qualifying event of the season, and raced his absolute heart out.

Danny has just had the email he has been waiting for, confirming he’s Team GB qualified for the Triathlon World Championship in Edmonton next August.

To have the chance to represent my county in a sport which I love will be such a massive privilege. This was a three to five year plan and to have achieved it in as little as 6 months is just overwhelming.

Danny is looking for local sponsors who can help support his journey. If you want to follow Danny’s progress, you can follow him on Facebook or Instagram @danny_tri_gbr.


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  1. Well done what a great achievement and a role model of what can be achieved in a short time by dedication and motivation. He deserves the support of the Crowborough Sporting and wider Community. As well as the Town Council. This hopefully will encourage the youth of today to set themselves similar goals in areas they are interested in. Crowborough of course has links with Canada which is a further reason to celebrate.

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