Anger at trees being cut down in Alderbrook


Town Councillors are outraged at trees being felled on land by contractors working for Wealden District Council.

Wealden District Council (WDC) want to take back control of a strip of land between the recreaction ground at Adams Field and the new “Walshes Park”.  At present the strip of woodland north of the brook is leased to Crowborough Town Council (CTC) until 2021.  Wealden District Council want to open-up access from the Rec and construct a boardwalk across the boggy ground.  The new 70 acre park at Walsh Manor Farm is being developed at a cost of £800,000.  The new facility is being paid for by money collected by Wealden District Council from developers.  The aim is to encourgage people to use the park rather than drive to the Ashdown Forest.

The minutes of the Town Council’s Environment Committee on 28th March read:

A few weeks ago some trees were cut down on CTC land between Adam Close and Walshes Park without CTC’s permission, or knowledge.  The Clerk asked WDC to stop and do nothing further until a decision about this land had been made.  It has since been discovered that more trees have now been cut down. The Clerk and Ranger have tried to contact WDC, but have not received a response.

The Wildlife and Countryside Act states it is not permitted to cut hedges and trees after February.  There is concern that these actions by WDC on CTC land without prior knowledge, or permission by CTC are a criminal offence.

The Clerk will email WDC again prior to his meeting with WDC Department Heads next week.

It was Agreed to defer the decision about handing back to WDC the land between Adam Close and Walshes Park until Full Council on 23rd May.

A spokesperson for Wealden District Council said;

While carrying out tree maintenance work at Walshes Park to help deliver the excellent new open space for residents in Crowborough, tree contractors employed by the Wealden District Council mistakenly also carried out work to trees which had been identified as needing felling but were situated on land the Council leases to Crowborough Town Council.  We have apologised to the Town Council for not seeking their permission first.  Wealden has paid for the cost of this work on the site. The contractor was fully aware of its duties regarding wildlife and took care to ensure that no unnecessary damage to wildlife took place.

Wealden District Council has installed a temporary car park for Walshes Park at the end of Alderbrook Way and nearly 2 miles of paths have been made in the park.   Additional work will be done in the coming months and years to construct fences, benches and boardwalks; plant trees and wildflower meadows; and design and install signs and educational boards.  The park will be formally opened later this year.



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  1. No one is happy with the destruction of our local area , the loss off habitat considering we have Crested Newts and Dormice both protected down there……….makes you wonder who approved the token offer to build a country park, to little to late!

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