Town Councillors want to seek specialist legal advice


This evening Crowborough Town Council’s Planning & Development Committee will decide whether to ask Full Council to release funds to obtain specialist legal advice about a planning application.

In a reversal of a previous decision, on 10th July Wealden District Council granted permission for up to 119 homes to be built next to Goldsmith Recreation Ground in Crowborough.

The developer Fairfax Acquisitions Ltd wrote to the planning authority after the application was previously refused by Councillors at a meeting in March.

To prevent a legal challenge, Wealden District Council reconvened the Planning North Committee to re-determine the application.

At a meeting on 27th July, members of the Town Council’s Planning & Development Committee were “troubled with regard to how the decision process had been made”.

The Committee Minutes state:

It is not viable to hold a judicial review of the process as the costs involved are prohibitive. Nor will the Secretary of State intervene at this level.

It was recommended that specialist legal advice be sought to recommend any courses of action available.

After the meeting it was realised that the Committee did not have the £10,000 to carry through this course of action. An Extraordinary meeting of the Planning & Development Committee has therefore been called for this evening (Tuesday 4th August) to debate whether to ask Full Council to release the funds.

Click to download a copy of the Agenda and Report.



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