Could this be the most expensive cheese sandwich?

Is Gary eating the world's most expensive sandwich? ... we will have to wait and see.
Is Gary eating the world’s most expensive sandwich? … we will have to wait and see

Local builder Bob Dorrill started Tiger Bob’s Charity Golf Day in 2003 to raise money for local charities.

Each year a group of men, many of them from the local building industry and regulars of the Wheatsheaf pub in Crowborough, get together to have fun and raise money for local charities.  Over the years they have raised a total of £40,000, mostly for Hospice in the Weald, but also Step by Step & Demelza House.

This year’s Golf Day took place last Friday (4th September).  The day started with 18 holes at Crowborough Beacon Golf Club followed by a three course meal and a fundraising evening at the Wheatsheaf.  Entertainment at the pub generally includes auctions, raffles and either a disco or a band.

Murdina Hook, Bob’s partner, told CrowboroughLife about some of the comic capers:

People donate money to sing or tell jokes.  Others pay to stop them!

We normally have a joke auction prize too.  Last year our joke prize was a round of cheese sandwiches.  Unfortunately we couldn’t register it with the Guinness Book of Records after the event; so we auctioned another cheese sandwich this year and it raised £1,500.  Yes; one thousand, five hundred pounds.

Team Scarlett

This weekend with the help of the Rainbow Junior Golf Academy at Boars Head Golf Centre they are doing a sponsored event for the children learning to play golf there.

For more photos and videos see their Facebook page: Tiger Bob’s Annual Charity Golf Day.

One of the junior's presenting a 'thank you' to a sponsor
One of the junior’s presenting a ‘thank you’ to a sponsor.  ‘Tiger Bob’ Dorrill on ther microphone.




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