New two-story building proposed at “This & That”

A planning application has been submitted to demolish the single-story flat roofed building opposite Waitrose on Croft Road in Crowborough and build a two-story building instead.

The documents explain that the ground floor of the new building would still be a retail unit, slightly smaller that the existing shop to accommodate a staircase, and upstairs there would be two 1-bed flats.

The proposal argues that the new building will be similar in character to adjacent buildings.  The barbers and interiors shop on either side are both two-storey with pitched-roofs.

Advice given to the applicant over the Summer, states that the proposal would have to be screened against habitat regulations being used to protect the Ashdown Forest from exhaust fumes from additional vehicle traffic.  At the time of the pre-application advice, there were less than 20 “air quality credits” available in Crowborough to offset against new development.

There is no parking provided for the new flats, although the building is opposite the public car park on Croft Road.  The lay-by, immediately outside the shop, only allows motorists to drop-off or pick-up during the hours of 8am until 6pm.

Members of the public have until the 3rd October to comment.  See Wealden District Council’s website (Ref: WD/2017/1951/F) for more information: www.planning.wealden.gov.uk.

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