The Crows look for new sponsor for next season

Crowborough Athletic FC Football Club regrets to announce that Ransome Garden Design will not be continuing their sponsorship of the 1st Team for next season.

Chris Ransome said:

The business is growing nicely but I need all available funds to ensure that I provide the right amount of investment to sustain the growth.  I would love to have continued but the business has to come first and you never know maybe, in the future, I will be in a position to sponsor the club again.

Chairman Tony Bowen said

I would like to thank Chris for his support this season and fully understand the need to provide adequate liquidity for a growing business.

“Too many businesses fail to fund growth and end up with cash flow issues which can result in not meeting purchase commitments ultimately leading to failure.

Ransome Garden Design had good local exposure through press coverage and programme adverts which may well have helped create additional opportunities that have contributed towards the business growth.

Tony added:

Sponsorship from local businesses and individuals is critical to the financial survival of the club and being able to continue a presence in Crowborough AFC logothe Town.

The club is run entirely by volunteers but unfortunately, still has the normal demands and bills of running a business with little dispensation for being a Community Amateur Sports Club.

There now exists an opportunity for another local business to support the club as well raising their profile within the Town and the local area.

If you or your business would like to enquire about sponsorship packages available, please make contact with our Commercial Manager, Terry Exall, at terry.exall666@btinternet.com.

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