Success at the ITF Open British Taekwondo Championships


On Saturday (25th November) a team from Vision Martial Arts & Fitness Centre in Crowborough took part in the International Taekwondo Federation Open British Championships.

Some of the Open British winners from Crowborough

Almost 500 competitors from seven countries took part in this prestigious event at the K2 in Crawley.

The group of 27 competitors competed alongside other Vision TKD members from Kent, Surrey and Hampshire and came away with a total of 39 Golds, 34 Silvers and 35 Bronzes.  Of that the VMA Fitness group won 16 Golds, 15 Silvers and 14 Bronzes meaning they won the overall Trophy of the Championships.

Master Philip Lear said:

There were some truly outstanding performances from all the competitors including Ellena Lobley who won three Golds, winning the overall individual trophy for her age range and Mike Watson who won two Golds and a Silver to win the overall individual trophy for his age range.  Many students have received recognition at their schools, including Ethan Stopps from Beacon Academy, who in his first Black Belt competition won Gold in Power Test and a silver in Sparring.

VMA Fitness in Crowborough are having an Open Day on Saturday 6th January where all age ranges, from three years up to and including adults, can have a taster of Taekwon-Do.   To go along just contact them at to book in.

The team will have a well earned rest now until their next tournament in February in Rome.

Mike Watson won two Golds and a Silver

Full Results:
ELLENA LOBLEY – Pattern Gold, Sparring Gold, Special Tech Gold; JAMES MCCOURT SNR – Sparring Gol;, WILLIAM WELLS – Special Tech Gold; JOSHUA CONNOLLY -Special Tech Gold, Sparring Silver; MIKE WATSON – Pattern Gold, Sparring Gold, Power Test Silver; ETHAN STOPPS – Power Test Gold, Sparring Silver; CASEY BRETT – Gold Sparring, Spec Tech Silver; ELIXIR BIRON-MONNIER – Sparring Gold, Spec Tech Gold; NICHOLAS EDMUNDS – Pattern Gold, Power Test Gold, Sparring Bronze; JACK SMITH – Special Tech Gold, Pattern Silver; LEWIS BRETT – Sparring Gold, Pattern Bronze; TAMSIN JERMYN – Special Tech Silver, Silver Sparring, Bronze Pattern; CALVIN MORRIS – Special Tech Silver, Sparring Bronze; OLIVER O’DONNELL – Pattern Silver; KATYA FLATMAN – Pattern Silver; HEIDI HAZELDEN – Sparring Silver; CHLOE ANDERSON – Sparring Silver, Pattern Bronze; JAKUB HOEFT – Sparring Silver; JAMES MCCOURT JNR – Sparring Silver, Special Tech Silver; LUCAS FLATMAN – Sparring Bronze; RYAN MCCOURT – Sparring Bronze, Special Tech Bronze; ARVO STEINS – Sparring Bronze; GEORGE MOONEY – Sparring Bronze; JOE DELVE – Sparring Bronze; EDWARD ROCKALL – Sparring Bronze.



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