Sussex Police share photos of recovered property on Flickr


Operation Magpie is Sussex Police’s commitment to make Sussex a ‘no go’ area for burglars.  One initiative is to ensure that there are steps in place to reunite victims of burglary with their property.  This is why Sussex Police has launched a Flickr page where any property recovered can be published to help increase the chances of victims being reunited with their property.


Every item of recovered property is checked for security marking or distinguishing features that may help to identify the original owner, but many items do not have any identification information.

This recovered property site allows the public to search through pictures of items recovered by Sussex Police and identify anything that might belong to them or someone they know. If a member of the public identifies property that belongs to them, they just simply email the relevant reference number to the officer in charge to start the process of being reunited with their property.  All of the items have been photographed and stored by Sussex Police in the hope they can be identified.  Items include jewellery, power tools, electrical equipment, pedal cycles and motor cycles.

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Betts said:

We set this page up with the aim of returning stolen items to their rightful owners. Another way to make it easier to be reunited with your property should you be a victim of burglary is to make sure you register it on  This site is free and very simple to use.

It also helps us to catch burglars who try to sell these items on to second hand goods traders as the items can be traced. If you or friends or family have had any property stolen, please take a look at the recovered property Flickr site as Sussex Police is keen to reunite property to the rightful owners and bring offenders to justice.

The Flickr page can be accessed through

For more information on home security advice or registering your property with immobilise, please search Operation Magpie on



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