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May 2021

The next Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner election will take place on Thursday 6th May 2021.  Crowborough Life will publish a list of all the candidates in time for people to cast their postal votes.  Subscribe to our Newsletter if you would like to receive details of candidates.  How to cast your vote safely in the pandemic.


In 2016 Katy Bourne was re-elected as Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner.  Total votes after the second-round:
Katy Bourne (Conservative) 139,335
Michael Jones (Labour) 86,392
Turnout 23%

Police and Crime Commissioners are elected to hold our police force to account for delivering the kind of policing you want to see.  Their aim is to cut crime and to ensure your police force is effective.

There are five candidates standing for election for the post of Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner – whoever is elected on 5th May will be in charge of the Police Force’s budget and will set the objectives for the fight against crime for the next four years.

The candidates for Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) are as follows (click to find-out about each candidate):

Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Ballot Paper Thursday 5th May 2016The Returning Officer for the whole of Sussex, which includes 13 local authorities, is the Chief Executive of Wealden District Council, Charles Lant:

In the Police and Crime Commissioner Election, you are allowed TWO votes, one for your FIRST choice candidate, one for your SECOND choice.

On the ballot paper you can vote for your first and second choice candidates: mark a cross in the first column for your first choice, mark a cross in the second column for your second choice.  If you do not have a second choice, your first vote will still be counted.

If none of the first choice candidates get more than 50% of the vote, the leading two candidates receive the second choice votes from the other candidates to decide a winner.  This is called the Supplementary Vote System.

At the last PCC election in Novemeber 2012 the turnout in Sussex was only 15.8%

Postal Votes

Those electors who have applied for a postal vote should have already received their ballot papers.  If you have a postal vote, don’t forget to complete the ballot papers and post them back before Thursday.

St John’s CE School in Crowborough

Voting in Person

Your Council will send you a poll card telling you which polling station you can cast your vote.

If you haven’t received a poll card but think you should, contact the Electoral Services Team at Wealden District Council by calling 01892 602417.

You can still vote if you’ve lost your card.

Polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm on polling day.

The Electoral Commission has produced a 30 second video to help with the ballot paper:

When will the result be announced?

The count for the whole of Sussex (East, West and Brighton & Hove) will be co-ordinated from the East Sussex National near Uckfield.  The counting of votes will start on Friday 6th May and a result is expected around mid-afternoon.  You can watch live video from the count here.  The results will be announced on the CrowboroughLife‘s Facebook page.

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On Wednesday 11th May the term of the current PCC ceases with the newly or re-elected PCC taking office on Thursday 12th May.

Statements from each of the five candidates:

The candidates for Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner are as follows (click to find-out about each candidate):

Katy Bourne (The Conservative Party)

The challenge of keeping people safe is becoming more difficult – every day the police uncover the true scale of complex crimes (like child abuse) while technology has created new ways to commit old crimes (cyber-enabled crime).

This changing nature of crime requires a different policing response, new methods of investigation and forensic analysis, and all officers need the requisite skills and training to support this.

Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne (The Conservative Party)
Katy Bourne (The Conservative Party)

It is against this backdrop that Sussex Police has designed a new, local policing model that will meet the modern demands on the service and deliver further savings expected by Government.

Neighbourhood policing in Sussex has remained unchanged for 15 years so the role of PCSOs has also been reviewed.  PCSOs are currently not allowed to take statements or investigate crimes but in the future they will be plus they will have powers to tackle antisocial behaviour caused by alcohol.

Like you, I value the work of our PCSOs and local neighbourhood policing teams.  However, a PCC cannot influence operational decisions (this includes where and how police officers are recruited and deployed in Crowborough) as these are the responsibility of the Chief Constable.

Last month, I challenged the Chief about his new PCSO model.  He reiterated that no changes will happen until July and a robust, neighbourhood policing presence would be retained based on the severity of problems a community faced at any time.  He emphasised the new model of cover was not about withdrawing a policing presence or abandoning Crowborough but ensuring that the full weight of neighbourhood and specialist policing resources could be better targeted where needed.

You can view this meeting here:

With your support, I will continue to invest in frontline policing and further improve the performance of Sussex Police; protect our most vulnerable against all forms of abuse; support victims of crime, especially our elderly and young; and deliver effective neighbourhood policing.

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James Doyle (Green Party)

My name is James Doyle, I’m a district councillor for the Green Party in Worthing, and previously served as a West Sussex County Councillor.  I live in Worthing, and my wife recently retired after thirty years’ service as a Sussex Police officer.  I have also been a member of the Sussex Probation Board.

Like other public services, the police have suffered six years of cuts and creeping privatisation.  When services are sold off to private companies, profit is prioritised over people.  I will fight to protect police resources and use them efficiently to keep us safe in our homes and on our streets.

Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner James Doyle (Green Party)
James Doyle (Green Party)

I support more emphasis on crime prevention and reducing re-offending.  For example, restorative justice helps offenders face the consequences of their actions and gives victims a better sense of justice.

Above all, we should have a police service, not a police force: working for local communities.  Homelessness and drug use are major problems in Sussex, and I will address them with an honest, evidence-based approach.  The ‘war on drugs’ has comprehensively failed, and drugs need to be seen as a health issue, not a criminal one.  Criminalising our most vulnerable people is not only inhumane, it simply doesn’t work.

The police also must do more to tackle hate crime in Sussex – racism, domestic abuse and LGBT abuse are not prioritised.

A Green vote on the 5th May is a vote for open, transparent policing that does not ignore those in need.  I’ll work tirelessly to protect the rights, freedoms and safety of everyone in the community.

Contact details:

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Michael Jones (Labour Party)

MICHAEL JONES is a Labour member of the Sussex Police and Crime Panel, where he has been standing up for residents on all matters related to policing.

Michael trained as a solicitor, and is known locally as a hard working, independently minded councillor. He has lived in Sussex for most of his life, growing up on the south coast.

Sussex Police and Crime Commisioner Michael Jones (Labour Party)
Michael Jones (Labour Party)

Michael is the leading councillor for Public Protection at Crawley Borough Council, with responsibility for community safety and fighting crime and anti-social behaviour.

Michael’s priorities for Sussex Police

  • Reverse the proposed cuts to front-line policing and keep a presence in every town, every village
  • Strengthen the fight against internet and telephone scammers
  • Make residents’ local priorities the Police’s priorities, like anti-social behaviour
  • Give low level crime the attention it deserves
  • Stronger action on hate crime

Sussex Police is set to lose huge numbers of neighbourhood police and PCSOs.

Michael will attempt to stop the current round of savage Tory cuts to community policing on the first day after being elected, doing whatever is necessary to save existing officers and restore Police morale.

Local people know the worth of community policing, and the benefits to crime reduction through greater visibility and information gathering. We need a new PCC to save Community Policing and to stop Sussex Police making a historic mistake.

Make sure your vote counts.

If you don’t want to see the Conservatives win this time, remember Labour was in second place at the last Sussex PCC election. You get a second preference vote in this election. Even if you usually vote for another party, please use your second preference vote for Michael as the candidate best placed to beat the Tories.

Contact details: or 01273 330710

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Patrick Lowe (UKIP)

On May 5th we can have a change in policing strategy in your area and I personally believe that what has happened in Crowborough will be the tipping point for many residents in Sussex.

Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Patrick Lowe (UKIP)
Patrick Lowe (UKIP)

Unlike the present reactive policing strategy that is being put forward at the moment that has led to a lack of visible policing and ending up with a call centre plus police car response you will have a preventative policing strategy that will give you face to face policing on the ground.  In order to improve local relationships I will also be rolling out improved community partnerships so that you can tell me your local policing needs.

I’ve listened to local residents and shopkeepers in Crowborough including the owner of Poundfield Stores where there was the dreadful robbery towards the end of March.  I have also spoken on Uckfield radio and have had a public meeting at All Saints Church.  You have told me that you want police back on the streets and that’s what I intend to deliver.

I am forty-eight, engaged and have lived in Sussex since my childhood.  With a very strong background in governance, successes in the community, well known among the diverse communities across the County along with local knowledge through my business working with retailers for eighteen years I am a safe pair of hands.  I am used to challenging strong leaders and holding them to account and will have an experienced team of individuals with real policing experience.  For further details about me you can visit my website at

As a candidate from a party that is not whipped I will champion Crowborough and Sussex police with independence free from party politics. Let me fight for a safer and more secure Crowborough by electing me on May 5th.

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James Walsh (Liberal Democrats)

Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner James Walsh (Liberal Democrats)
James Walsh (Liberal Democrats)

Several years ago, as Chairman of Sussex Police Authority, and with the then Chief Constable, we rolled out the delivery of Community Policing across Sussex, which was widely welcomed, and led to sustained falls in all levels of crime and especially anti-social behaviour.  I was awarded a Commendation for this.  PCSOs were a later addition, and have played a vital part in community safety, security and intelligence gathering (as attested recently by the Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond in Hampshire).

The current Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner has already slashed Policing budgets by £65million in the last 5 years, and plans further cuts of £12m this year and £7-8m in each of the next three years.  This equates to a cut of 700 frontline police and 300 other staff, or about a fifth of the entire Sussex Police force!  She stopped recruiting PCSO’s altogether some months ago, and now proposes to change their job description and role, taking them away from defined communities and moving them to “response bases” miles away.  The clue is in the name Police & Community Support Officers.  They joined to support the Police in their local community, and it is not surprising that 76 are voting with their feet and leaving, given the falling morale in the force as a whole.  It affects not only Crowborough, but the whole of Sussex.

We have one of the lowest (or worst) funded Police forces in the country, and if elected as Police & Crime Commissioner on May 5th, I will fight like hell to get a proper and fair level of funding from Government, and a restoration of proper Community Policing by Police and PCSOs across the streets and communities of Sussex.



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  1. This election is a betrayal of democracy. Because the government doesn’t give enough money to run it, the political parties put up candidates, so the amount of publicity is down to how much they’re prepared to spend. This post should not be party political. Moreover, the previous system with a committee wasn’t broke, so why did it have to be fixed? Voters are ignorant of the candidates and what they propose for the role. Without leaflets through doors, posters, and hustings that are open to the public (not ones open to local councillors only), most people haven’t a clue who to vote for. It isn’t entirely their fault: we are all busy and the Scottish/London/local elections have taken priority. The local party machines for those with the resources will spring into action and get their voters out. People who bother to turn up without prior knowledge will see name and party allegiance and vote by that. So guess what? The Tory gets in as usual in every election in this area. Do these people not know that the present incumbent is the only one proposing to remove police presence on our streets? All the other candidates have promised to maintain it, so that a dedicated PCSO can know the area and its people and problems. This cynical exercise is a disgraceful example of manipulation of the electorate by central government.

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