Survey of housing needs in Crowborough


As part of the Neighbourhood Planning process, Crowborough Town Council will be sending a housing survey to a random sample of homes in the town.

Neighbourhood Plans give more power to communities to determine how land is used for development, where new homes should be built and what they should look like.  As they are statutory documents, they are independently checked to see they confirm to national and district planning policy, before they are put to a vote in a local referendum.  When the Crowborough Plan is complete it will guide the future development of Crowborough for the next 15-20 years.

Crowobrough Housing Needs Survey PosterA Steering Committee and four working groups (Community Facilities, Commercial, Environment, Transport & Housing) have been set-up.  If you are interested in getting involved there is still chance to become a member of one of the working groups.

Although Wealden District Council completed a housing need survey in 2009, the Transport & Housing Group felt the results covered too wide an area and more-up-to-date information was required.  As a result ‘Action in rural Sussex’ has been asked to conduct a postal survey.

The survey five years ago found that more than half of properties in Crowborough were detached and that there were fewer 1/2 bedroomed properties than other urban areas in the district.  Crowborough had an unusually high level of underoccupation for an urban area at 53.7%.

Crowborough Average for urban areas
in Wealden
Detached 53.80% 39.30%
Semi-detached 20.20% 27.30%
Terraced 10.40% 15.40%
Flat or maisonette 15.60% 17.90%

One of the key factors was that a third of households in Wealden contain only people over pensionable age.  Results also indicated that many people might require physical adaptations (such as bathroom alterations or grabrails) or support services (Telecare of home care) to remain in their homes.  Click on the following link to read the full 2009 Housing Need Survey.

For more information about the Neighbourhood Plan and to read the minutes see the Crowborough Town Council website:

You might also be interested in reading the following article about the search for more land for development in Wealden.

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