NHS 111 Survey Results

Update: In August residents of Sussex were invited to complete a survey about NHS 111, the non-emergency telephone number people call if they need medical help. This is because the service is being redesigned in advance of a new contract being awarded.

There were 1,062 completed surveys.  26% of respondents were either unsatisfied (75) or extremely unsatisfied (111) with the service.

People who replied said the most important factor to be considered in redesigning the service was an ability to be able to speak to a medical professional (GP, nurse, pharmacist) sooner than currently.  72% did not want NHS 111 to be the only number to contact local health services.  One person commented: “Still need to contact GPs, otherwise it would clog the system up”.  Most people were happy with NHS 111 having access to medical records – but comments indicated that many wanted access to be restricted to clinicians.

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The NHS 111 service receives over 7,000 calls a week from Sussex residents and provides advice and support for people with urgent, but not life-threatening, health concerns.

NHS 111 non-emergency phone number

In Kent, Surrey and Sussex this service is currently by the South East Coast Ambulance Service working in partnership with Care UK, but will come to an end in 2018.

In advance of awarding the new contract, health bosses want to hear from you about how the improve service can be improved for local people, whether or not you have used NHS 111 before.

Would you like the idea of 111 becoming the only number you need to contact any local health service, including your GP?  Would you be happy for NHS 111 staff to be able to access and update your medical records?

You can complete the survey online here.  Or alternatively, if you would like to receive a paper copy, please contact the 111 Transformation Team on 07711 920424.

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