More Station Parking Needed?

Crowborough Chamber of Commerce has made a proposal about how extra car parking spaces can be created in Jarvis Brook for commuters.

They are asking Network Rail and local councils to investigate whether the area of waste land between Farningham Road and the railway line can be used to create up to 100 additional parking bays.

Chamber of Commerce Station Parking Proposal

Chamber of Commerce Station Parking Proposal

The Chamber want Wealden District Council, East Sussex County Council as the Highways Authority, and Network Rail to together consider the feasibility of the scheme, in terms of costs and safety aspects.

It costs £4.20 to park in the station car park on a weekday and £615 annual ticket.  It is believed some rail travellers park on Farningham Road to avoid paying.

Jeremy Woolger, Chairman of Crowborough Chamber of Commerce said:

It was hoped that the proposal could tackle two issues; firstly the lack of parking at the station and the knock on affect that this has on the residents in the area and also the often obstructive parking by some taking place in Farningham Road, which causes serious issues for businesses along there.

The Chamber propose some kind of meter system, whereby there is free parking for a couple of hours to allow visitors to the local businesses to park for nothing.  They also suggest local season ticket holders get a free pass.

Tony Coates from Airberg Limited on the Farningham Road business estate told CrowboroughLife:

Our biggest problem is trying to deter commuters from parking in the road outside our units, a problem also experienced by our neighbours.

It’s not that we are being difficult, or unreasonable to the commuters, it’s that we regularly load between 10 and 20 40ft containers a week from our site, and it is nearly impossible to get them into our yard if a commuter has parked his or her car next to, or opposite our entrance

In our experience the commuters are trying to park in our road, and Farningham Road, to avoid paying the parking charge, rather than there not being sufficient parking spaces available.

This is pure speculation on our behalf, and we don’t have any facts to back up this statement, but I suspect that there is some truth in it.

Access along Farningham Road can be difficult with commuters parked down one side, a 40ft articulated lorry moving in one direction, and ordinary road traffic moving in the opposite way, and if the scheme were to improve the flow up and down Farningham Road it should be encouraged.

parking1Chris Rapley, the owner of Millennia Print Ltd agreed:

Commuter cars parked by the side of the road at present make it almost impossible for large lorries and cars to pass, and dangerous for cars turning out of the side roads and entrances of the factory units.

I have almost been hit on many occasions by cars wanting to access Farningham Road from business entrances whose vision is impaired by parked commuter cars.

I am sure commuter cars must be damaged each week by vehicles passing.  It is not unusual to see a door mirror on the road.

Any proposal to clear the commuters cars from parking on the roadside will be a good move, and free the road for use by lorries and cars using the estate.

I hope the proposal gets the go ahead.

Strip of land between Farningham Road and the railway line

Strip of land between Farningham Road and the railway line

It is understood Network Rail own the strip of land in question.

Discussions are ongoing amongst various stakeholders regarding the proposal.

An East Sussex County Council spokesman said:

Wealden District Council has shared with us the Chamber of Commerce suggestions for car parking in Farningham Road and we are supportive of the provision of car parking in the vicinity of the railway station.

The possibility of utilising an area of the adjoining Network Rail land has been raised and we are currently working with the district council and Network Rail to see if this is a viable option.

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