Statement from the Senior Partner at Saxonbury House


On Tuesday 18th December just before 8am an electrical fire broke out in a strip light in the secretarial office at Saxonbury House Surgery.  Staff reacted immediately triggering the alarm, calling the emergency services and evacuating the building.  The fire was contained by the firefighters but there has been major damage to numerous rooms in the front part of the surgery.  Thankfully no injuries were sustained.

We have worked diligently since the major incident occurred to try and re-establish a service for patients as quickly and efficiently as is conceivably possible under such circumstances.  Clearly this is a difficult time for the staff at the surgery as we try and maintain as full a provision of service as is possible.  We are endeavouring to do our best for patients as we enter this festive period, and can confirm:

  • Phone lines are now re-established although at a reduced capacity;
  • The reception area is now temporarily relocated to the waiting room area and access is via the side waiting room door;
  • We have sent 24,000 text messages to patients since the incident occurred updating patients regarding the situation (we politely request if patients would have expected to have received a text message that they in due course verify with the surgery that we have their up to date mobile details).

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.  As a surgery we are grateful for the support offered by local affiliated NHS services, Pharmacy teams, HWLH CCG, and of course the emergency services.  Kind messages of support from patients have been gratefully received.  May we politely request for patients’ understanding whilst we continue our best endeavours to resume our normal service to meet the needs of our community.

Dr Susan Padgham (Senior Partner)

(Weds 19th 7.35pm)


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  1. I was very sorry to hear the news of the fire. I have just retired as an electrician if I can help in any way please contact me. I am willing to help in any aspect.


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