Man spotted carry a gun near school was shooting vermin


Update:  Sussex Police have now traced the man spotted carrying a rifle near to St John’s School.

Police have confirmed a 29-year-old man was interviewed under caution.  He told officers he was shooting vermin on nearby land and it was not a malicious act.  He has been reported for possible prosecution for possessing a .22 air rifle in a public place while not in a case.

Crowborough gunman spotted walking outside St John’s School was a pest controller

Police advised St John’s School to keep pupils inside this afternoon (Wednesday 10th), after a man carrying a rifle was seen in the area.

A police spokesman said:

At 2.45pm we received a report that a man with a rifle was walking in St Johns Road.  The area is being searched with the assistance of a police helicopter but he has not yet been traced and it is possible that he may left the area.

The circumstances are unexplained, and active enquiries are continuing to trace the man, but at this stage there is no evidence that the man has any sinister intent.

He is not reported to have approached a local school or any other premises at any stage.

Anyone with information can contact the Sussex Police by calling 101 quoting serial 661 of 10/10.  Alternatively you can report information online.




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  1. Funny, in times gone by a man with a gun, shooting vermin, would not have caused any comment in a rural area. Pigeons, rats, tree rats (grey squirrels for the sentimental), even foxes that kill chickens and home raised rabbits, would all have been dispatched from time to time, since most men (and even women!) working in agriculture or forestry, or even the home owner with a few fowls, pigs or rabbits, needed a gun to protect their interests. How times have changed….

  2. Good, I hope he was cautioned ! In todays world any child or even person should be fully aware of some idiot walking around with an airgun. Walk a dog instead !!

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