Special meeting of County Council to discuss Gatwick expansion


An extra-ordinary meeting of East Sussex County Council has been called next week to discuss the proposed second runway at Gatwick airport.

New_two_runway_Gatwick_756x350_webIn June last year, the Council decided to support expansion at Gatwick, saying it would be good for the local economy, they also wanted assurances about improvements to local transport.

But since then, Councillors across the south east have been lobbied by their constituents and campaign groups, such as CAGNE: Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emission, about aircraft noise.  West Sussex County Council withdrew there support earlier this week, following Kent in doing a U-turn.

At the Extra-ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday at 10am at County Hall in Lewes, Councillors will be given a ‘free vote’ on a motion submitted by Councillor Peter Pragnell who represents Hastings:

Whilst acknowledging that this is the Government’s decision, this County Council resolves:

1.  To support the provision of a 2nd runway at Gatwick Airport, on the basis of the clear economic benefits to East Sussex and to insist on appropriate action being taken to provide the necessary infrastructure and mitigate any environmental or other negative impacts on the residents of East Sussex.

2.  To agree that once the Government makes a decision that the Council actively engages further in the process to achieve its objectives.

3.  On the related separate issue of flight paths, not to support a narrow, concentrated arrival flight path, and resolve that they are shared across multiple routes to provide rotating respite.

4.  To request that Cabinet responds to the formal consultation expressing this view.

Wealden District Council

Also this week, Wealden District Council will consider their response to the Airport Commission.  In the draft document, Wealden have said because they think further work needs to be done on the environmental impact on the Ashdown Forest and economic benefits to Wealden and its residents, they cannot support Gatwick’s proposal for a second runway at this time.  Wealden’s Cabinet meets on Wednesday 28th January at 10am.

For other articles about Gatwick click on the following link: Gatwick Airport.  Click to find contact details for Crowborough Councillors.

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