Southern to introduce ANPR cameras at Crowborough

The Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology will identify the number plate of a vehicle when it enters and exits the car park and checks that payment has been made for that period of time.

ANPR cameras Crowborough railway station

Pole going up

Southern’s parent company, Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) introduced a pilot scheme at 25 stations last year.

Indigo operate the parking facilities on behalf of GTR.  The current charge for a daily ticket at Crowborough is £4.60 Monday to Friday and £2.16 on a weekend and Bank Holiday.  Passengers can pay online, via an app or at one of the ticket machines.

A Govia Thameslink spokesman said

I can confirm that Automatic Number Plate recognition systems are being installed at Crowborough along with a number of other station car parks on our network. The systems will be in operation from late summer and full customer communication will be issued in advance.

We allow a generous 20-minute grace period for picking up, and this is flexible at times of disruption to train services. However, customers must be aware of the 20-minute period and make a choice as to where they wait if trains are delayed.

4 comments on “Southern to introduce ANPR cameras at Crowborough
  1. so everytime one of the rush hour trains is late by 20 mins – which is every other day – the poor buggers picking people up from the station will get hit with a fine – yep that makes sense

  2. Oh good, and has the parking machine been fixed yet? Last time I used it at a weekend it was trying to charge double for a £2 parking fee. It had been broken for months according to the man in the booking office. Good job you can pay him to get your parking ticket, or this new system will be raking in fines galore. (Or is that the idea?…)

    • Sorry, Jane I should have perhaps spelt it out a little clearer: This article relates to Southern Railway introducing ANPR to the car park at the railways station.

      However, readers might be interested to know the Wealden District Council did introduce ANPR in their car parks in Uckfield (Luxford Field & Regency Close) when the town centre was regenerated, in order to enforce the 3hr and 10 hrs maximum stay. Although I am not aware of any plans to roll-out the use of cameras to their other car parks.



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