Did you know Shirley Newbold?


Update: A will for Shirley Newbold has been found naming a solicitor as Next of Kin. Donaldson West of Crowborough will be taking on the funeral planning. The contact is Pauline Donaldson, email her using ped@dwlaw-online.com.

A Council Officer who works for Wealden and Rother District Councils is reaching-out to get in touch with people who knew Shirley Newbold.

Sadly Shirley past away at the weekend. She lived at Nye Close off Bridger Way. The Council is responsible for organising funerals of people who die in the district, where sadly there are no relatives or friends able to make the arrangements.

Christina Martin said:

I have been referred an assisted funeral request for one Shirley Newbold. Born 1936. She lived in Crowborough since at least 2002.

Her carers and the warden at her assisted living say they are not aware of any friends or family, but I just wanted to do some due diligence and ask around locally in case anybody knew her and could inform her eulogy and the music choices we make for her service.

Any friends would be welcome to attend of course too. Thanks very much

Email christina.martin@rother.gov.uk or call 01424 787529.


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