Sheep Attack on the Ashdown Forest


Sussex Police would like to talk to the owner of a dog, possibly a Giant Schnauzer, that savaged a sheep on Ashdown Forest last month.

The dog’s owner hurried away from the scene after being told what her animal had done.

Code of Conduct for Dog Walkers

The attack happened around 8.20am on Monday 20th July, off Crowborough Road, Duddleswell.

The dog, thought to be a Giant Schnauzer or similar breed and wearing a wide red collar, was witnessed biting a sheep, which sustained open wounds to a front leg and its neck and had a quantity of wool ripped out.

The dog’s owner, a woman described as middle-aged with mid-length blonde hair, was confronted by a witness, but made off without leaving her details or showing any concern.

PC Steve Knowles from Sussex Police’s rural crime team said:

This was a complete act of negligence on behalf of the dog owner who clearly knew what had happened and took no responsibility for it. We are keen to identify her so that this matter can be appropriately dealt with and we ask anyone with knowledge of her or anyone who witnessed the incident to contact us.

Time and time again we warn dog owners not to let their animals off the lead anywhere in the vicinity of livestock. Your docile family pet can turn vicious killer in the blink of an eye.

By all means, enjoy the countryside with your dog, but please do not allow them off the lead anywhere near livestock and make sure that there aren’t sheep or other farm animals nearby, but just out of your view. Your dog will almost certainly know they’re there.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact Sussex Police online or call 101 quoting serial 1201 of 01/08.



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  1. And what about all the poor people too, and especially children, who also have to put up with selfish dog owners roaming free everywhere! Parks, children’s play areas, country walks, streets …… place is safe these days from dogs, their mindless and selfish owners. If they want to walk a dog keep it on a lead and away from people. Exercise it in their own garden if they want it to roam off of a lead or do not have a dog.

    • I agree that dogs should be kept on leads everywhere there is livestock and where spaces are primarily designed for children or people (managed parks), but not in the countryside where there is no livestock.

      You can’t punish all dogs and dog owners for a number of irresponsible ones. On that same note, we’d have to ask for all children to be kept on a leash too because some are badly behaved and their selfish and mindless parents let them be a nuisance to other people or children.

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