Shared ownership scheme in Crowborough

Wealden District Council is offering local people the chance to own a home of their own through a shared ownership scheme for new developments in Crowborough and Polegate.

Street scene in Woodpecker View, Jarvis Brook.

From Summer 2020, the Council will have two 2-bedroom homes at Woodpecker View in Jarvis Brook, and three 3-bedroom homes in Polegate, available for shared ownership.

Councillor Ray Cade, Wealden Cabinet member for Housing said:

Shared ownership provides people on low incomes the opportunity to own part of a new home.

They may be first time buyers or people who currently do not own a home. Over time, they can buy further shares in their home to secure outright ownership or sell their share. It can provide an effective way to help people working locally to move on to the housing ladder.

One of the scheme houses in Woodpecker View, Crowborough

Shared ownership can work out cheaper than renting a property, as you will be paying a mortgage on only part of the property, and renting from Wealden District Council on the remaining share. The share of the property you will be buying could be between 25% and 75% of the new home.

You will have to put down a deposit of around 5% on the value of the share you buy, and your joint household income should be less than £80,000. As the Council will be your landlord, it is able to offer rents at below market rates.

The new homes at Woodpecker View are among the first new homes commissioned by the Council’s separate housing development arm, Sussex Weald Homes, in Crowborough.

Both the Woodpecker View and Woodland View properties included turfed back gardens, fitted kitchen with fridge–freezer and washing machine and carpets.

You can find out more about Wealden District Council’s shared ownership scheme, and register your interest on the Affordable Home Ownership page of the Wealden website.

2 comments on “Shared ownership scheme in Crowborough
  1. Only two in Crowborough? How is that going to help our young people desperate to get onto the housing ladder? In 1960 there was a scheme in Surrey called ‘tenant purchase’. The council built a whole estate (not just two houses) for purchase. If you’d been one of their tenants, been respectable and kept up with your rent, you could have preferential application. You obtained your mortgage from the council, and rates were favourable. Many families got their first chance of ownership this way, and many stayed in those houses till the end of their lives. A great scheme, but impossible now because of ten years of emasculation of local government by you know who.

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