School in Crowborough considers increasing class sizes


In a letter to parents, the Headteacher of St John’s Primary School in Crowborough has said that, along with many other schools in East Sussex, her primary school is facing a funding crises.

Laura Cooper has written that because of financial pressure, one of the measures the school will need to consider is whether to increase class sizes.  Other possible ways to cut costs suggested, include reduced subsidies for swimming classes & school trips, reduction to IT & curriculum upgrades, and carrying-out only essential school maintenance.

The current budget provision of St John’s means we are struggling to maintain level of provision and services we have been able to offer.  The cost of resources such as toilet rolls now has to be rigorously monitored alongside the progress and achievement of the pupils.

The letter can be downloaded from the school’s website.

The Headteacher encourages parent to contact the Minister and the MP for Wealden.  Martin Ellis has done just that in a Tweet:

In an article published in December 2016, CrowboroughLife highlighted the potential impact the new funding formula could have, see: How the new funding proposals will impact on our schools.



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