Unsafe gravestones will be laid flat


During November, Crowborough Town Council will be conducting safety testing of headstones and gravestones at the Herne Road Cemetery.

The Council is aware that the testing of memorials is a sensitive issue. The programme is designed to ensure the safety of everyone who visits, or works, in the cemetery and it is not the intention of the council to cause any unnecessary distress or upset.

Memorials will be checked to identify defects or signs of instability. In line with the Council’s Memorial Safety Policy, any memorial that does not adequately meet the health and safety requirements will either be laid flat or provided with temporary support. If the grave needs to be laid flat, it will be done so carefully within the grave space with the inscription visible.

The Council will also contact the registered holder of the Exclusive Right of Burial for the grave (using the address they have on record), giving details of the action required by them to make the memorial safe.

Any work to repair memorials must be undertaken by a qualified monumental mason.

For your own safety, the Council strongly advise that of all visitors to the cemetery, do not attempt to test memorials themselves.

One of the Public Notices displayed at the Herne Road Cemetery

The Memorial Safety Policy gives more detail about the inspection process and the action that will be carried-out if a headstone is found to be unsafe.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding a memorial, please contact Crowborough Town Council on (01892) 652907 or email cemeteries@crowboroughtowncouncil.gov.uk



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