Severed body of cat found in Crowborough


The RSPCA is very concerned about the death of Immie, an 11 month-old tortoiseshell female who was found on Friday morning (27th January) by the side of the road in King’s Chase, Crowborough.

Immie in the front photographed with her sister
Immie in the front photographed with her sister
It is thought she died overnight, as the owner saw her at 10pm the night before.  Very sadly, it was just the bottom part of the cat’s body that was found.

Immie was found by neighbours and her body was taken to Culverden Vets.  Immie’s owner, who does not want to be identified, is understandable very distressed.  She is urging people to come forward if they can shed any light on Immie’s death.

RSPCA inspector Laura Bryant said:

This was incredibly distressing for the owner for the cat to be found in this way, and we are very sorry for her loss.

We don’t know for sure how this cat died, or how her body parts became separated, but would urge anyone with any information at all to call us.

There is no evidence to link this death to other deaths in the London area, but it is very distressing.  We don’t know how she died or whether she was purposefully killed or her body parts were separated after death, but at this stage can’t say anything for definite or rule anything out.

Anyone with information should call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.


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