Rotherfield Time Capsule

On Tuesday a time capsule will be buried on the Millenium Green in Rotherfield.

Rotherfield Millennium Green 2014 -The Orchard Field (Photo Jeanette Kerr CMLI)

Rotherfield Millennium Green 2014 -The Orchard Field (Photo Jeanette Kerr CMLI)

The children of Kipling Class at Rotherfield Primary School were invited to bring along personal items to put in the capsule along with items found on the Millennium Green.

The idea of a time capsule arose from the Meadows in the Weald project – a Heritage Lottery funded oral history project examining the history of the Green.

Pupils and staff from the school will attend the ‘burial’ together with the Trustees and Mrs Norma Timmermans who has sponsored the capsule in memory of her husband.  The Trust Chairman, Michael White, has provided a stone marker slab dated for 50 years hence. The stone slab will be dated 2065 and the hope is that the capsule will remain under it, undisturbed until it is dug up.

When the time capsule is opened in 50 years time it is hoped that some of the children now attending Rotherfield Primary School will be there to see the opening when they can tell their children and grandchildren how they participated in the original burial of the time capsule and how they helped with the Meadows in the Weald project.

All Rotherfield residents are invited to witness the ‘burial’ at 10am on the Tuesday 24th March 2015.

Mistakingly initially listed as happening on Monday.


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