Rock Snake Broken-up


Overnight the “Rock Snake” on Chapel Green was dismantled.

The snake has been lovingly put together over the last few days using decorated pebbles, including ones with rainbows, NHS symbols and personal messages. Over the last few days the snake had grown to over 600 stones.

A women returning from her night shift at about 8.20am this morning (Saturday 16th), noticed that the snake had been broken-up. She put the stones that remained back in line alongside the pavement.

Other pebbles were discovered some distance away, including on the front lawn of a property on the Southridge estate and others were left at the bottom of Adam Close. These have now been gathered-up and put back in place on Gordon Road.

On Facebook, a Chapel Green resident said she heard a lot of noise at about 1.20am and when she looked out of her bedroom window she saw what she described as a group, of about three or four lads, loading something heavy into the back of a car, before they drove off quickly.

Carrier bag full of pebbles

Amber Chapman-Smith said:

We filled six bags this morning, they were very heavy – 244 stones in total. There must of been a few people, as one person could not carry all of these.

I have no idea who did this or why? I guess it’s older kids thinking they are being funny, it’s disgusting behaviour, I’m just glad we could put them back.

For the second week running volunteers at Jarvis Brook Football Club have turned-up on Saturday morning to find damage.

You can report crime and anti-social behaviour via the Sussex Police website. If the incident is in progress you should dial 999.



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