Speed reduction on Beacon Road

40mph sign on Beacon Road
40mph sign on Beacon Road

The Cabinet Member for Transport and Environment has asked Highways Officers to look again at how the speed of traffic on Beacon Road can be addressed without spending vast amounts of tax payer’s money.

In a report considered by Councillor Carl Maynard earlier this week, Officers said it could cost between £75,000 and £100,00 to carry-out expensive engineering measures to narrow the
road and help slow down drivers if a 30mph speed limit was introduced.

Instead they recommended the existing 40mph speed limit should be maintained.  They advised spending a fraction of the amount around £1,000 putting-up more 40mph repeater signs and cutting back vegetation.

After a long presentation from one of the residents who petitioned the County Council, Councillor Maynard was persuaded to reject these recommendations and asked the Officers to review ways in which the concerns of residents can be properly and seriously addressed.

Councillor Richard Stogdon, who represents Crowborough on East Sussex County Council told CrowboroughLife:

Phil Parker made a very well researched, detailed and impressive presentation to the Lead Member Decision Making meeting yesterday [Monday].  Councillor Mrs Sylvia Tidy and I shall be pursuing this with officers to work out ways in which speeds can be reduced, without the installation of major and expensive engineering works.

Residents of Beacon Road and the adjoining streets started a petition earlier this year because of safety fears but also of noise and other quality of life issues.

East Sussex County Council has also received a request for pedestrian crossing, to be installed on Beacon Road at the Church Road junction.  As with all road safety schemes it has been assessed against a detailed set of criteria to consider whether they should be recommended for funding.   It has cleared the first hurdle in the process.

In a statement to CrowboroughLife, East Sussex County Council explained what will happen next:

The request for a pedestrian crossing in Beacon Road scored highly enough in the initial assessment to be put forward for more detailed examination.

Once this is complete, it will be compared with other proposed schemes for a decision on whether it should be recommended for inclusion in our capital budget for transport improvements for the next financial year.  This process will be completed by the end of December.

More work needs to be done to identify the cost of measures that would need to be put in place to reduce the speed limit in Beacon Road, therefore work will continue separately on the two proposals for the time being and they will only be considered together in the event that both proposals get the go-ahead.

The Council cannot say what type of crossing (puffin or zebra for example) would be appropriate for Beacon Road at this stage.

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