Results of Crowborough Police Station consultation


Work has begun refurbishing the former Town Hall to get it ready for use by Sussex Police. The Office of the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner has said information about plans for the new station will be released once an internal consultation has been carried out by the force.

Building work Crowborough Town Hall get it ready for Police Station.

In the meantime, the results of the consultation held last year about what services people would like delivered from their new police station have been revealed.

The survey ran from 25th February until 27th March 2020. Despite the first lockdown being announced during the period, just over six hundred responses were received.

You can see original article inviting people to complete the consultation here: Consultation on new Police Station.

As part of the consultation exercise Katy Bourne visited Beacon Academy. Copies of the survey were left at the school, which no doubt helped to reach younger people in the area. Without this target effort, you can see from the following graph that most of the responses would have probably been from residents in the 66 to 75 age group:

Does it make you feel safer to know that there is a police station in your town?

In response to the question Does it make you feel safer to know that there is a police station in your town?, the vast majority responded in the affirmative:

Don’t Know7%

Most respondents said that when the police station was open, they would like to access information/help in person or via a direct telephone number. (Looking at the analysis by age group, a majority of under 25s however said despite the police station being open, they would still prefer to get help via the Sussex Police website.)

The current Police Station on Crowborough Hill is normally open Monday to Friday from 10am until 2pm.

How would you like to access information/help from Crowborough police station when it’s open?

In person72%
Direct email address53%
Direct phone number62%
Sussex Police website39%

In future, how would you like to be able to contact Sussex Police when Crowborough police station is closed?

In future, when the new Crowborough Police Station is closed, respondents said they would like to get help via a general phone number (in preference to using an app or self-service machine for example).

General email address44%
Sussex Police website34%
General phone number76%
Easy to use app38%
Self service machine8%

Would you like more community use of your local police station (eg. free/low cost space offered to groups)?

43% of people said they would like more community use of your local police station, for example by the force offering meeting space for free free or at a low cost to groups.



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  1. Having an operational Police station in Crowborough has to be a good thing. Having a real Policeman visible has to be even better. Apart from a Police car travelling from Uckfield to Crowborough, I have rarely seen Police presence in Crowborough for many years. Inconsiderate parking anywhere in Crowborough can be seen every day with drivers knowing that nobody will stop them. Housing estates allow for 1 1/2 cars per dwelling, the rest end up blocking the public right of way and across pavements. Walkways, around schools and along main roads have been an eyesore in the area with no deterant whatso ever.
    Police on the beat would at least deter the average offender.

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