Speed limit on Beacon Road

40mph sign on Beacon Road at the Church Road junction
40mph sign on Beacon Road

The Cabinet Member for Transport and Environment has been recommended to reject calls from some local people to extend the 30mph speed limit south along Beacon Road.

Earlier this year, local residents organised a petition calling on East Sussex County Council to reduce the existing speed limit on the stretch of road as far as Crowborough Beacon Golf Club from 40mph to 30mph because of safety fears.

The report which will be considered at a meeting on Monday says the current speed is appropriate for the environment and should remain unaltered.  Highways Officers do however suggest more 40mph signs should be erected to make drivers more aware of the speed limit.  They also plan to cut back vegetation to maximise the width of the pavement and make the road signs more visible.

According to Sussex Police there have been two crashes where people have been seriously injured along this part of the A26 in the last three years, as well as three incidents where people have received minor injuries.

The Highways Authority carried out a speed survey south of Melfort Road junction in May.  Officers found vehicles travel at an average speed of just under 40mph, with most drivers not going faster than 45mph.  Some drivers however were clocked going faster than 60mph.

The report says in order to introduce a 30mph speed limit, the road would need to be re-engineered at a cost of between £75,000 and £100,000.

Report to the Lead member for Transport and Environment.




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  1. Up to £100k to “re-engineer the road”? Bureaucracy gone mad – why do we tolerate this drivel from councillors and officials.
    A man with a pair of steps and a spanner could do it in a couple of hours. Just unfasten the signs near the water tower and fix them in place of the existing ones south of the golf club.
    The only result must be a reduction in speed of a significant number of vehicles. Job done!

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