Recycling point in car park removed


The recycling point in the car park by Jarvis Brook Rec has been removed, because the bins were repeatedly getting contaminated with non-recyclables material.

Wealden District Council has confirmed the large recycling bins for bottles, cans and paper & cardboard have been permanently removed.

All that remains is the charity clothing recycling bank. In a statement they have said it makes no financial sense with the Crowborough Household Recycling Site being so nearby on Farningham Road, and with residents having use of a comprehensive kerbside collection service.

Before and After

The reason for the removal of this facility is because we have been experiencing a persistent and growing problem at this facility with fly tipping.  This was incurring cost to the Council to remove and also, because the fly tippers were contaminating the recycling bins with non-recyclable material, the majority of the recycling that was being deposited in the bins had to be collected as general refuse because it could not be separated.

The Council now provides all residents with a comprehensive kerbside recycling service with a dedicated wheeled bin for households to place their recycling out for collection each fortnight. This kerbside service collects all the recycling materials that could be placed into the bins at the Jarvis Brook facility, except for clothes.  As a local authority we must seek to make the best use of resources and as such, operating a recycling bring site facility which duplicates a service already available to each household does not make sense financially.

Furthermore, the Household Waste Recycling Site operated by East Sussex County Council on Farningham Road in Jarvis Brook, less than 1 kilometre from the facility in the car park that has been removed, remains open and will also accept the full range of recycling materials.

We would encourage any residents of Jarvis Brook and the surrounding area to make full use of their kerbside recycling service.

Wealden District Council statement

Click for full details of what recycling is collected at the kerbside can be scene here: What Goes in Each Bin – Wealden District Council. If any household does not have a recycling bin at their property, they can contact the Council through their website or they can call 01323 443322, and one will be provided.

We sincerely regret any inconvenience closing this facility may cause but seek to assure residents we do not take decisions to close facilities such as this lightly and our goal is to enable all households to recycle effectively from home rather than having to make additional vehicle journeys to drive to a recycling bring site.

Wealden District Council statement


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