Purse thief in Crowborough

Police in Crowborough are warning members of the public to keep their cash and cards safe following the theft of two purses, in separate incidents, on Monday (23rd February).

On both occasions purses were taken from handbags that were being carried by their owners at the time.  The first happened in Waitrose; the second took place somewhere between the post office and the Fernbank Centre.  Both incidents happened between 1pm-2pm.

PCSO Chris Harrison said:

PCSO Chris Harrison

PCSO Chris Harrison

Our advice to shoppers is to keep bags closed and close to you at all times, held securely under your arm or strapped across your body if possible. Never leave your bag unattended, on the back of a chair or a shopping trolley, and beware of anyone acting suspiciously, such as getting too close to, or trying to distract you by bumping into you. Such behaviour should be reported to police, security or shop staff immediately.

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