“Pump Track” proposed for Goldsmith


This evening Crowborough Town Council will discuss a proposal to build a bike trail at Goldsmiths Recreation Ground.

Councillors on the Sport, Recreation and Cemetery Committee will discuss the creation of a small circular cycle track in the triangle of grass above the play area (shown in the aerial photo below).

Two members of the public, Rob and Adam, made the initial suggestion earlier this year to build a track at Walshes Park.  They wanted something providing for younger children to learn to ride a bike.

A pump track is an undulating track that is designed in such a way, with bumps and banked turns, that you ride without having to pedal.  Most commonly constructed from soil, riders create momentum via up and down body moments called pumping.

See the “Pump Track” constructed by Tunbridge Wells Borough Council at Southwood Road Recreation Ground in Rusthall in 2008:

There is a private freeride and downhill venue off Palesgate Lane in Crowborough, called The Bull Track which is suitable for experienced riders.

Councillors will consider going ahead with the project financial next year and whether to fund the project from the Council’s reserves, or to use money given by developers for improvements to local infrastructure.  They will look at a design for a Pump Track at Witton Park in Blackburn, which cost in the region of £14,000.

The meeting is in the Town Hall and begins at 7.30pm.   The meeting is open to members of the public, who can ask the Chair for permission to speak at the start.  Click to download a copy of the agenda and sketch design.



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  1. No! Lots families with children of all ages play at Goldsmiths there are many dog walkers , balls being kicked which may stray into the track. Risk if cyclists en route to track speeding through these areas So NOT a good ideA

    • Hi Viv, the idea proposed to the council was for a facility for 5/6 year olds to learn to ride a bike – not for speedy track for teenagers/adults. I’ve written to the author of the article to try and give more detail.

  2. I’d rather see young cyclists honing their skills and having fun on an official track, being out in the air and not slumped indoors over screens or skulking around the town vandalising it. We all need to get along with each other’s needs and not think purely of what’s best for me me me.

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