Proposed Council Tax rise for more Police Officers


The Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, Katy Bourne, has proposed Council Tax bills will rise by the maximum possible amount permitted by the Government next year.  The increase would see an extra £24 added to an average Band D household’s bill in 2019/20.

The money would allow the force to fund more visible policing presence in local communities, more officers for investigations and roads policing, and an improvement of the 101 service to make it easier for the public to contact Sussex Police:

  • 100 more PCSOs going back into the community to provide a reassuring local presence
  • 50 additional Police Officers to add to the recruitment drive already under way
  • 50 extra specialist staff and investigators

The amount of money going to fund Sussex Police from local taxation was frozen between 2010/11 and 2013/14, but in the last five years bills have already gone up by £27.49 for an average household.  With the increase in Council Tax bills in the current financial year and by releasing £17 million from reserves, Sussex Police are recruiting 200 extra officers which would mean the total number would rise to 2,700 by 31st March 2022.

The Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner conducted an online survey.  2,694 responses were received, with 61% saying they would pay more for policing with the average extra amount suggested being an additional £72 a year.

The proposal will be discussed and voted on at the Police and Crime Panel meeting on Friday 1st February.

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  1. If we are going to get a permanent police presence in Crowborough then I would agree to this. But as that’s unlikely then No feed up paying for something we are not getting

  2. I agree with Anita Grose. Why were police numbers decreased not that long ago, now we’re recruiting again. Should we not have got rid of them in the first place?

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