PPE for Independent Carers


Sussex Support Services is trying to get supplies of PPE Personal Protective Equipment for independent self-employed carers to use when they provide personal care in people’s home.

Margaret Dodé-Angel is trying to coordinate supplies of aprons, gloves, masks and hand sanitiser for those in dire emergency. She has already managed to support a few carers with stock they already had.

Margaret said:

I am getting calls from carers and personal assistants not being able to get hold of basic PPE or being charged crazy prices for items including gloves, aprons and hand gel. 

They are often visiting the most vulnerable in our community and visiting several individuals in a day. As they are not part of a larger agency or organisation they are falling between the cracks and not getting any PPE. 

I have managed to get hold of some not lots basic PPE, gloves aprons and hand gel to do refills. Should be with me on Friday and will carry on trying to get required items.  We are now starting to get offers of PPE and support which is great. 

Margaret is also available for telephone support for independent paid carers if they require. 

If you are an unpaid carer, information and advice is available from Care for the Carers.

You can get in touch with Margaret by emailing victoriapavilion@gmail.com or by calling 01825 760176.

Guidance from the Government for people who support and deliver care to people in their own homes.

Sussex Support Services normally runs a day club at the Victoria Pavillion in Uckfield for people living with dementia and extra care needs. This is obviously suspended because of the coronavirus situation.



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