Post-apocalyptic drama set in Crowborough

Harry Walters from Western Road in Crowborough is studying film and TV production at Sussex Downs College.

As part of his course he has produced a short film called “Instinct”.  It is a post-apocalyptic drama.  As well as writing the script, Harry also plays the lead.

The film was selected to be shown at the Komedia in Brighton in June, and is now available to watch on his YouTube channel; but be warned, it contains strong language and violent scenes.

“Instinct” was filmed back in May 2017 when Harry was 18.  Most of the filming took place in the woods on Tubwell Lane, including the abandoned truck and car scene.  The only section that was not filmed in Crowborough were the flashbacks at the end, which were shot in a park in Lewes.

Harry told CrowboroughLife that he came up with this idea back in 2015 when he was in hospital due to his condition of Cystic Fibrosis:

I wanted to tell a story about the pure instinct of survival from two different men’s points of view in different situations.
And I use to walk my dog, Barney around Tubwell Lane and I use to see some of the locations we used and I knew it was perfect for my idea.

I had also recently seen the film ‘The Revenant’ starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy.  Which I loved for the landscapes and how much character it had.

We asked the people who lived down Tubwell Lane if we could shoot there and they were happy to help and some were even excited a short film was being made near them.

I know Crowborough is a little bit different from where that film is based but I genuinely feel lucky to have been brought up in this town and for any future projects I do I will proceed to film as much as I can in Crowborough.

Three other people also live in Crowborough took part in the production, Harry’s friend Neil who was on sound and Toby who did the lightning and also played one of the gang members.  Beth Downes, who also lives in Crowborough, played the character of Rose.

Acting has always been a passion of Harry’,s but he also loves script writing and directing, which allows him to tell stories.

The production suffered a few hiccups with actors dropping-out.  Luckily Alex Hawkins stepped in last minute to play the “stranger”.

Alex was very committed to filming and definitely was a big part in the film going smoothly.   I also want to give credit to the director, Benedict Webb, who was massive part of making my vision become reality.

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