Do you recognise this portrait?


A framed drawing has been donated to a charity shop in the Scottish borders. One of the workers noticed it had the name Nassau and Crowborough written on the back.

Eleanor Wood Scottish Borders Pet Rescue Charity got in contact. She said:

This I work in a charity shop in Kekso in the Scottish Borders and we received the drawing below as part of an anonymous donation of goods.

I was particularly taken with the portrait and on looking at the back of the drawing it says William or Gillian Nassau Crowborough. I Googled these two names to find that a Gillian Nassau had been Mayor of Crowborough.

How this drawing came to be in Scottish Borders I have no idea but I am anxious that it may be of sentimental value to the Nassau family some of whom may still live in the Crowborough area.

Eleanor Wood

If any family members are interested in the drawing the charity shop can be contacted directly on 01573 224430 or email Or contact Crowborough life and we will put you in touch with Eleanor.


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  1. Someone in Crowborough Art Group might recognise the artist’s initials. Gillian Nassau lived in St Johns Rd on the boundary of Crowborough and Withyham local councils. When street lamps were put up in the road, not to everyone’s delight, Mrs Nassau had two, one at each end of her house. Some thought this was a deliberate revenge on her for whatever slight they had received!

  2. The portrait looks like Wally Salkeld, who was active with his wife Alice in the community, especially in WEA and U3A. They moved up to Yorkshire eventually, but are most likely passed away by now. Don’t know if that helps!


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