Take the policing challenge to have your say


Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner is asking people to have their say on police priorities in the county, as well as asking residents what increase in Council Tax they would support.

Normally she get a higher response from older people. This year Mrs Bourne has launched a ‘gamified’ public survey’ that will supplement her usual programme of public consultations and face-to-face meetings so that even more residents can have their say in the setting of next year’s policing budget.

Have you ever wondered what it is like to set the budget for Sussex Police? PCC Bourne is giving residents the opportunity to tell her what policing priorities matter most to them by challenging you, in a fun game, to assign ‘priority tokens’ to the eight major strands of Sussex Police’s work in the community.

Mrs Bourne says:

It is an interesting way to put the public in the driving seat of policing. This game will hopefully help them think about the importance of policing all priority areas and how challenging it can be to set a budget that enables Sussex Police to tackle all types of criminality and safeguard the vulnerable whilst delivering to the priorities of local people.

The game is timed and once you have assigned all your tokens, you will be asked whether you would be willing to pay more locally so that Sussex Police can continue to deliver on the priorities important to you.

Once your answers have been submitted you will see how your priorities compare to those of Sussex Police and other residents who have played the game.

All data will be collated when the game finishes on 10th January and will be used to inform PCC Bourne’s Police & Crime Plan for 2021/22.

Mrs Bourne adds:

I want to ensure that all local communities are represented in my next Police & Crime Plan. In the past, we know that the majority of responses to our online polls are from residents aged 55 and over so I really want to hear from younger people as well. All views will be reflected in my decision-making and will help shape the future of Sussex Police. Make sure to have your say today.

If you would prefer to complete the traditional survey you can find it here: Sussex PCC public priorities and police funding survey.



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